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Bio Air AHU Disinfectant

Bio Air disinfectant removes disease causing micro-organisms and bio films that clog condensate trays and cooling coils


Bio Air AHU Disinfectant

Bio Air AHU Disinfectant

Air Restore and Whiteley

Together with Air Science Group, Whiteley Industrial have engineered a unique product that will revolutionise AHU cleaning for the HVAC industry.

What makes Bio Air Unique?

Bio Air’s ultra-fast disinfection kill rate cleans and sanitises surfaces by breaking down stubborn biofilms, dissolving the glue-like substance which causes blockages and contamination.  Traditional cleaning solutions (detergent cleaners) have been demonstrated to be ineffective in killing bacterial biofilm contaminants. Removal of biofilms assists in improving the heat transfer, making your system more efficient.


Bio Air is compatible with a range of metals and is non-corrosive and can be used without damaging AHU coil fins.  Clean AHU’s not only improve indoor air quality, but also improve energy efficiency as the air can pass through the coil without being obstructed by biofilm and contaminants.

The importance of clean coils and AHU systems is recognised strongly in the HVAC and air conditioning industry through Air Science’s proven history in the HVAC remediation industry.

Air Science Group recommends that you use Bio Air every 12 months to clean and disinfect the air handler unit, fans, coils, condensate trays and all internal surfaces of the air handling unit.

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