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Portable Isolation Units

Construction and maintenance activities in healthcare facilities can release potentially harmful particulates into the air, such as dust and dirt particles and sawdust. Fungal spores, including Aspergillum can attach to these particles and while harmless to most, inhaling these spores can lead to serious morbidity and mortality in immune suppressed populations.

Containment Cube

Foreign particles can escape during minor maintenance and construction activities, such as running cable above a drop-ceiling grid or working in wall cavities.

Heavier, visible particles and debris, as well as smaller particles that agglomerate (clump together) will re-settle on floors and other surfaces.

However, containment also needs to consider the smaller, lighter particles – the ones we don’t easily see with the naked eye (≤50 microns). Those particles can remain suspended in the air for days, traveling through the facility on air currents. Studies have shown that invasive Aspergillosis among immune suppressed patients can have serious health consequences and mortality rates from this infection are high.

portable isolation unit containment cube

Fast, Simple Assembly

One person can assemble the Containment Cube and have it ready to use in minutes. Colour-coded alignment dots clearly show how components fit together, and the blue floor makes it simple to orient the enclosure around the frame.

Easy To Use

The Containment Cube is easy to roll to the job site, fully assembled. It can be safely used while still mounted on the 180kg capacity cart (400lbs), with the caster foot brakes locked; or, the frame and enclosure can be removed from the cart and placed on the floor. The convenient and easy to use height-adjustment knob and the numbered slots etched into each pole ensure that each pole is set to the same height.

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