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Sanuvox UV Lights

Sanuvox is the leading manufacturer of Ultraviolet Air and Object purification in the world, providing solutions for almost any Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issue. As the global leader in UV lights, Sanuvox air treatment systems have been designed with maximum exposure in mind, in order to optimise the airborne disinfection rates within the duct and air handler system.

Air Restore and Sanuvox:

Air Restore are proud re-sellers of Sanuvox products which have set the benchmark in commercial, medical, military and residential installations, and has been widely proven to be the most effective system available. Sanuvox has been tackling IAQ issues and sick building syndrome for more than 17 years, and Air Restore are proud to be supplying their products to the Australian market.

What makes Sanuvox unique?

Sanuvox has designed and patented two different types of UV systems: UV Air Purification and UV Coil Cleaning. Every bio-contaminant needs a specific dose of UV microwatt energy for destruction.

Sanuvox offers exceptionally cost-effective systems that can address indoor air quality issues that filter and absorption media cannot.


  • Medical facilities
  • Public areas
  • Museums
  • Educational facilities
  • Food processing
  • Office buildings
  • Hospitality industry
  • Military Base

For true clean indoor air, install Sanuvox UV-C systems today!

IL Coil

Sanuvoz Coil-Clean purifiers are designed to prevent and destroy mould and microbial contaminants on rooftop coils, fan coils and A/C coils in the air.  A bulb is horizontally across the coil to maximise exposure to the ‘object’.


  • Reduce HVAC maintenance costs
  • Reduce airborne viral and bacterial transmission
  • Dramatically improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by destroying airborne bio-contaminants such as viruses and bacteria
  • Maintain a clean evaporator coil saving time and resources on coil cleaning
  • Improves energy savings and reduces maintenance by keeping the coil clean
  • Available in sizes from 12” to 60” lamp lengths
  • LED status incorporated into Ballast box monitors system performance and when it is time to replace the bulb
  • UV Lamp Boot seals that connection protecting the UV lamp contacts from humidity and moisture
  • 2 year warranty on lamp
  • 15 year warranty on ballast



UV Biowall:

The UV-Bio wall is installed inside the ducting, providing a “barrier wall” as biological and chemical contaminants pass through it. Each bio-wall has 5 high intensity bulbs and an aluminium mount which reflects into the ducting, set parallel to the air flow for maximum exposure. The reflectors direct the energy and double the standard bulb life. The number and length of lamps depend on the size of the duct, and the specific contaminants to be treated.

UV Bio Wall


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