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Filter Maintenance and Management

Air Restore specialises in a complete range of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system hygiene services. Filtration maintenance and management is critical for protecting the health of building occupants and protecting HVAC systems, associated components and the ducting. With indoor air quality issues now widely understood it is clear that when filtration is selected, maintained and managed with the health of building occupants in mind then as a by-product of this philosophy the HVAC system, components and ducting will also be greatly protected.

The following information details the basic objectives and operational structure of our filtration maintenance and management system. The beauty of the system is the ease of tailoring it to suit your individual requirements and the variety of HVAC installations on your site.

How it works

1. Create a database of all relevant HVAC plant and include the following variables:

  • asset no. or plant identification no.
  • location of plant
  • task description
  • service schedule
  • type of filtration, qty, media type and specifications
  • Pressure drop readings across the filter bank
  • number of washers per filter for washable media üü re-order code
  • service notes and date of service

2. The above variables can be tailored to meet your requirements. For example the service schedule or the task description can be developed to suit each installation. For example the task description may include a combination of the following variables:

  • remove and clean pre-filters at the outside air intake
  • remove and clean pre-filters at the AHU
  • check the unit for unusual noise and vibration. Advise maintenance engineer
  • inspect secondary filters in AHU and advise maintenance engineer when replacement is required
  • record the pressure drop across the filters where there is installed provision for doing so
  • inspect coils and dampers, ensure they are clean and operational
  • inspect condensate drains and clean where necessary
  • advise maintenance engineer of any corrosion or deteriorating paint
  • inspect porous internal insulation for delamination or mould growth
  • advise the maintenance engineer if major works required or insulation is damp/wet
  • check for any air by-pass around filters and corroded filter housings

To ensure that this occurs at the coal face each item of plant that has filtration to be maintained will have its own filter record. Each filter record will have a combination of tasks that not only relate to the filtration and may require some additional inspection or maintenance on your behalf.

This program is ideal and very cost effective for HVAC maintenance contractors, hospitals, shopping centres,  airports, property management companies and all large air conditioned facilities.

Whether you are a maintenance contractor or a building owner you will be surprised at the cost and management benefits of this system.

If you require further information or would like us to prepare an obligation free proposal, please contact Air Restore on 1300 780 474 

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