V-Bank Compact Filters

Our V-Bank filters have an extended surface area, which is maximised by the mini-pleat filters. Our compact filters are designed for use on most commercial and industrial HVAC systems. They are made from strong assembly and are moisture and corrosion resistant.

96% Compact filter – F9 Efficiency – 592 x 592 x 292mm D

96% Compact filter – F9 Efficiency – 592 x 295 x 292mm D 



Pocket Bag Filters

High quality media and thermo- bonded material give our pocket bag filters a high-dust holding capacity. Suitable for high-risk areas such as hospitals and commercial buildings.

Media efficiency – F5 – Bag size: 595 x 595 x 600 Deep (6 Pockets) 

Filter Bags



Element Pre-filters

Installation of these pre-filters is your first barrier of defence. Made out of G4 media, these filters are washable and can be re-used. Easy to install and change out, they reduce maintenance time and combat contamination in your HVAC system.

Pre-filter G4 Efficiency Media – 585 x 585 x 150mm D

Pre-filter G4 Efficiency Media –  585 x 285 x 150mm D



Stainless Steel Holding Frames

Installation of filter walls has been made easier with our unique stainless steel holding frames. All individually drilled, the rubber gasket is designed to eliminate air-bypass. Quality Stainless Steel holding frames complete with rubber gasket to create an air-tight seal which prevents air by pass. Available in Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel. Manufactured with a firm rigid construction.


610 x 610 x 75mm Deep

610 x 610 x 50mm Deep

610 x 305 x 75mm Deep

Stainless steel corner clips included. 25mm & 50mm