Specialists in HVAC Hygiene including: duct cleaning services, decontamination and restoration projects, mould remediation, air filtration and UV-C solutions.

With over 14 years’ industry experience Air Restore has a comprehensive understanding of the issues involved with HVAC hygiene, restoration and duct cleaning projects.

We’ve worked on projects for schools and childcare centres, office buildings, public buildings – court houses and libraries, multi-residential sites and apartment blocks, hotels, casinos, retail precincts, shopping centres, sports stadiums and entertainment centres.

We specialise in critical facilities that require stringent indoor air quality standards and rely on special-use HVAC systems, including: hospitals and healthcare facilities, research laboratories, and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.


  • Over 14 years’ experience in HVAC hygiene projects and duct cleaning services
  • High-tech AC duct cleaning robot
  • Comprehensive completion reports with high-res before and after photos
  • Experience with General-Use and Special-Use HVAC systems
  • ISO:9001 Quality Assurance – Cert No: AU16/4812
  • Conduct work to comply with Australian Standards and AIRAH HVAC Hygiene Best Practice Guidelines
  • Insured with $20 million Public Liability and Unlimited Work Cover

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What is a HVAC audit?

We conduct inspections of the HVAC systems at the client’s premises usually after hours when the system can be shut down.We physically inspect all the plant and equipment and the inside of the air ducts.We take pictures of our findings, and togethter with the assistance of the plant drawings we produce a comprehensive report detailing and showing the findings and our recommendations and costs for refurbishment.

When is the best time to conduct duct and coil cleaning work?

If the building can be accessed during the day then the work will be conducted during a day shift.If not, then the restoration work will be conducted between the hours of 18.00 hours and 06.00 hours.

How can we be sure that you will not contaminate other areas of the building with disturbed dust and odours from the bacterial and fungicidal treatments?

We isolate the areas where we are working using containment barriers which are positioned into the ducts and prevent the ingress of dust and odours to other areas of the building.We extract the dust which is collected in HEPA filters.The containment barriers are only removed once all dust is removed and the treatments have cured there emitting no further odours.

How do you gain access into the ducts?

We cut out inspection openings which comply with NADCA standards to gain access for inspecitons, cleaning and treatments.The ducts are then sealed using removable access panels which provide access for future inspections.

How often are inspections required?

This varies from site to site and depends upon the hours that the system is operated, the use of the building, the cleanliness of the air outstide and the quality and maintenance frequency of the filtration system.Generally inspections are conducted in accordance with NADCA standards and the Australian Institute of Refrigeration and Heating’s Best Practice Guidelines on HVAC Hygiene.

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