Filtration maintenance and management is critical for protecting the health of building occupants and protecting HVAC systems, associated components and the ducting.

How it works

Air Restore will create a database of all relevant HVAC plant and include the following variables:

  • Asset no. or plant identification no.
  • Location of plant
  • Task description
  • Service schedule
  • Type of filtration, qty, media type and specifications
  • Pressure drop readings across the filter bank
  • Number of washers per filter for washable media re-order code
  • Service notes and date of service

These database elements will be assessed to meet your requirements and will be used to create a tailored service schedule.

Common service schedules may detail actions like:

  • Remove and clean pre-filters at the outside air intake
  • Remove and clean pre-filters at the AHU
  • Check the unit for unusual noise and vibration. Advise maintenance engineer
  • Inspect secondary filters in AHU and advise maintenance engineer when replacement is required
  • Record the pressure drop across the filters where there is installed provision for doing so
  • Inspect coils and dampers, ensure they are clean and operational
  • Inspect condensate drains and clean where necessary
    Advise maintenance engineer of any corrosion or deteriorating paint
  • Inspect porous internal insulation for delamination or mould growth
  • Advise the maintenance engineer if major works required or insulation is damp/wet
  • Check for any air by-pass around filters and corroded filter housings
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