Biowall - UV Air Sterilisation

Biowall - UV Air Sterilisation


Sanuvox Biowall – UV Air Sterilisation System

A bespoke UV Air Sterilisation System was installed on either side of the building’s HVAC ducting to disinfect airborne mould, virus, bacteria, and carbon-based odours. The system comprises five lamps, each secured in its parabolic aluminium reflector for maximum UVC intensity. The BioWall system should be installed parallel to the airflow to achieve full contact time with airborne contaminants.


  • Complements filters by disinfecting what filters do not capture
  • Protects the occupants of the building from airborne mould, viruses, and bacteria
  • Effective against  SARS CoV2 (COVID 19)
  • explicitly designed for each HVAC system
  • It helps reduce up to 99.99% of contaminants in the air stream
  • No addition to pressure losses
  • Ensures continuous air quality
  • Reduces odours and chemical contaminants
  • The Biowall control box is equipped with dry contacts for BMS to work with any building automation system.
  • Smart Touch screen for unit real-time operational status
  • Option for remote ballast box – track the operation of the UV lamps without opening the duct
  • Tested by RTi Labs to achieve 93% disinfection on Anthrax spores, 99.97% on MS2 bacteria and 99% disinfection on virus on a single pass in the airstream.

To help you choose the correct UV in-duct sterilisation products, Opira can model the UV exposure time and intensity against recommended kill times for specific strains of bacteria, mould, viruses and fungi.

We have proprietary modelling software that effectively calculates a customised solution for every client, and we can ensure your space is completely protected. We calculate the sterilisation requirements based on the duct dimensions and the airflow conditions.

Request a quote for the Sanuvox Biowall, and we can walk you through all the details.

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