S300 - In room UV Sterilser

S300 - In room UV Sterilser


Sanuvox Sanuvair® S300 is ideal for buildings that often struggle with the smell of sweat and moisture in locker rooms.

By recirculating the air, the unit eliminates odours and bacteria thanks to a combination of filters and UVV oxidising and UVC germicidal lamps. A re-circulation rate of 6 to 8 times per hour is recommended for this unit.


  • Waste rooms
  • Bars, casinos, games rooms
  • Chemical and testing labs
  • White rooms
  • Production facilities
  • Cold room storage
  • Locker rooms and gym facilities


  • Odour reduction
    • Reduces heavy rubbish and compost odours
    • Increases the comfort of workers
    • Equipped with a sizeable 600cfm fan
    • Reduces insects and flies in your refuse room
    • Help reduce mould and virus bacteria
  • Domestic smoke reduction
    • Help reduce smoke and offensive odours
    • Improves air quality
  • Cleanroom air disinfection
    • HEPA filtration option
    • Improves air quality with a final filter to capture the smallest particulates

To help you choose the correct Sanuvox Sanuvair® S300 UV air sterilisation products, Opira can model the UV exposure time and intensity against recommended kill times for specific strains of bacteria, mould, viruses and fungi.

We rely on proprietary modelling software to calculate the sterilisation requirements based on the room dimensions, relative humidity, temperature and airflow conditions. Request a quote so we can walk you through all the details.