Sanuvox Sanuvair® S100

Sanuvox Sanuvair® S100



Sanuvox Sanuvair®  S100

Maintain healthy air in offices with the Sanuvox Sanuvair® S100 Air Purification Unit.

The Sanuvox Sanuviar s100 is a stand-alone and compact unit small enough to install on the ceiling or a wall.

It purifies the air of a 500-square-foot room.

The Sanuvox Sanuvair®  S100 unit slows the air at the inlet of the aluminium treatment chamber, purifies it with UV, and then distributes it through the outlet located directly on the outside panel of the unit.


  • Offices
  • cafeterias
  • doctors offices
  • dentist offices
  • waiting rooms
  • schools
  • daycare centres
  • hotels
  • elevators


  • Improves air quality
  • It helps reduce the rate of employee and student absence
  • Successfully tested against SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID 19)
  • Quiet and discreet
  • The unit destroys biological contaminants such as mould, bacteria, viruses, germs, and allergens.
  • The unit destroys chemical and biological odours.